Innovation and Support

Challenge the status quo.

About LMGI

LMGI has been innovating and supporting the ever-evolving world of PLM and PDM in New England for 20 years.
LMGI was founded in 1999 to help small-to-mid-sized manufacturers adopt and succeed with world-class Siemens PLM and CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions. We help customers from a diverse set of industries better design and build products by challenging the status quo and leveraging our decades of software and industry expertise. By researching technology and improving our depth of knowledge, we help our customers save time, reduce operation costs, and realize the full potential of their software investment. By building long-term relationships with customers and earning the trust of our vendor partners, LMGI is the trusted advisor and technology expert for manufactures across New England.

Our Core Values

Knowledge through experience and desire to learn. Integrity by fostering authentic and genuine relationships with our customers. Results as we own the outcome in partnership with our customers.

Relationships Above All Else

Trusted Advisor

As a trusted advisor, LMGI puts customer interests first. We are proud of putting our customers interests first by listening and understanding your values and needs. Perhaps it is “old school” but we believe the personal touch is key.

Genuine Integrity


We operate with honesty, transparency, authenticity, and sincerity. Our passion is driven by our desire to gain clarity about our customers’ wants and underlying needs. We are curious, we listen, and are genuinely interested in your businesses.

Depth of Knowledge

Love of Learning

Selling manufacturing software is the easy part; understanding how it works, how to implement, train, and support it is more difficult. But it’s critical to the success of our customers, so we do it very well.

Commitment to a Perfect Fit

We Listen

We not only listen, we also intuitively understand. We consciously fit technology solutions to each customer. We don’t overbuild systems for our customers because we work hard to discover exactly what’s necessary for each of their needs.

Meet Our Team

We have a small staff, but it's composed of exceptional people. They have knowledge through experience and desire to learn. Integrity by fostering authentic and genuine relationships with our customers. Results because we hold ourselves accountable in our partnership with you.

Rick Loring
President LMGI

A longtime machinist and CNC programmer, Rick co-founded his first company in 1991 to support the growing CAD & CAM needs of manufacturing, architectural, and engineering design firms across New England. But In 1991, he wanted to return to his core competency and passion for manufacturing and founded LMGI. Impressed with the evolution and direction of Siemens, he made a commitment to learn all he could and create a team with the best staff to support Solid Edge and Siemens NX customers. Loring is a life-long learner and shares his curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm for new technologies with his customers. Rick has always been dedicated to practicing high standards in all relationships and is committed to putting the customer first. This is the foundation for LMGI’s success.

Jason Titcomb
Principal Technologist

Jason has been working as a CNC programmer and master machinist for over 40 years. In that time, he has witnessed and experienced first-hand the evolution of CAD/CAM software and how it has impacted customers as they strive to stay competitive. Certified by Siemens, Jason insures LMGI provides world class training, pre- and post-sales needs analysis, custom programming, and unmatched software support. He intimately understands each customer’s unique needs and challenges and shares in their success.

John Balconi
VP of Sales

John brings a wealth of industry and product knowledge to LMGI’s customers. Coming off 20 years of direct experience in the enterprise world of CAD and PLM, John understands the many business challenges faced by small to mid-size manufacturers to stay competitive and position themselves for growth. John helps to identify where Siemens solutions and advanced technologies can increase productivity, solve bottlenecks, and drive innovation. His experience working with all stakeholders across an enterprise is invaluable to ensuring that new solutions are implemented, and metrics are in place to guarantee the adoption of new technology is successful.