CFD for Solid Edge – Fully Integrated!!!

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I remember the early days as a designer when computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was the stuff of PHDs, but today there are many tools available to us.  Most recently, Siemens announced FloEFD a new product from Siemens business partner, Mentor. This is exciting news as we now have a powerful analysis tool that is fully embedded into Solid Edge. We can now frontload CFD by moving simulation early into our design process and identify and fix problems sooner and faster without that degree in computational analysis.

FloEFD includes:

Solid Edge-embedded CFD Simulation: Tight integration enables users to do multiple design studies and evaluate how the modifications influence the performance of the design.

Parametric Study and Design Comparison Functionality: The compare configuration and parametric study capability insideFloEFD enables engineers to understand the influence of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results.

Fast and Automated Meshing Technology with SmartCells™: FloEFD uses meshing technology which is recognized as the most efficient framework for simulating fluid flows, heat and mass transfer. In addition, the meshing process can be automated easily for even the most complex CAD geometries with the aid of SmartCells technology.

What are SmartCells? They are a unique technology that combine robust Cartesian meshing with highly efficient analytical or semi-empirical solver models; thus providing high levels of simulation accuracy with fewer number of mesh cells than in traditional CFD.  

Intuitive User Experience: FloEFD for Solid Edge features an easy-to-use GUI with considerable intelligent automation built-in as standard.

To learn more, Siemens/Mentor has a great website dedicated to FloEFD. They also have a Free Virtual Lab you can sign up for.  And, watch for emails on the video series on FloEFD. Not on our email list, join here, or simply give me a call at 866-465-6185