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LMGI currently serves over 200 customers equating to over 800 Siemens licenses across New England. We are proud our customers continue to look to LMGI as their primary technology partner year after year. Below are some examples of how we have built strong relationships and continue to be their technology partner.


L.S. Starrett Company

L. S. Starrett Company is a manufacturer of tools and instruments used by machinists and tool and die makers and holds patents on such items as the sliding combination square, bench vises, and a shoe hook fastener. LMGI has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with L.S. Starrett guiding them through the implementation and use of both Solid Edge and NX from Siemens. LMGI most recently assisted them with the development of an online visual 3D Parts Catalog. This new animated catalog provides customers a quick and accurate way to identify the parts they need.

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Freshwater Stone

Freshwater Stone has been creating architectural and sculptural masterpieces for over 40 years. While the roots of the company are built upon the ancient tools and traditions of the stonemason, they also embrace modern technology. They chose Solid Edge after LMGI showed them how Solid Edge could incorporate their design archive while addressing their solid modeling needs. Freshwater Stone further invested in technology to increase their expertise by adding architectural design. LMGI has been a valuable resource and consultant as they continue to design for their core fabrication business and grow into new markets.

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Hinckley Yachts

The Hinckley Company’s roots are deep in the soil of Maine boatbuilding. The company, founded in 1928 to build and care for the boats of the local lobstermen, has been in continuous operation, building such classics as the Bermuda 40 and the Picnic Boat. They chose Solid Edge for its ability to integrate, visualize, and create parametric modeling and monitor the performance and balance of each custom design. An important aspect of their design process is the partnership and ongoing support from LMGI. LMGI will consult as needed and often invite engineers from Seimens to host workshops. Most recently LMGI assisted Hinckely with developing a workflow and process of sharing large files between different engineers and designers at three locations in two different states.

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