Technical Support

Trusted and Proven Support for All Your Siemens Solutions.

Our staff offers top-notch technical support as we become more and more familiar with your individual needs over time. We learn about your business and use our history with you to provide informed and specific answers for support questions large and small. LMGI fully supports every solution we sell and maintains a team of technical experts at the ready for support requests.

Whether you choose our web-based, phone, or our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our team can resolve your software issues allowing you to get back to work quickly. We understand that sometimes it is not just a quick call to resolve a simple issue.

Video Diary of Calls

Some calls are more involved and require step by step responses or more time than you currently have. That’s why we can gather information from you and work to solve the problem after you sign off. Once we sort out the problem, we will provide a video diary of the solution for you to view later and to use as a training tool internally.

Siemens First Line Support Provider

LMGI is proud to carry the designation of “Siemens First Line Support.” To achieve this level, LMGI has proven that we meet strict ongoing Siemens technical product standards and training. We have demonstrated product know-how, experience in troubleshooting, and have the necessary skills to ensure you receive the same level of support as you would receive directly from Siemens—even better if you ask most of our clients. By working directly with LMGI, you receive support from someone local that already knows you and your company.