Siemens and Parasolids – An Interesting Relationship

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Many of you have heard and know all about Parasolids but are you familiar with D-Cubed? Parasolid is a widely used geometry kernel and D-Cube offers 2D DCM (Dimensional Constraint Manager) and 3D DCM constraint managers. Combined they are the heart of most CAD software.  Siemens licenses their components to practically every CAD company – even their competitors.

I found a very interesting article on that goes into a detailed explanation on Parasolids and D-Cubed. How they got started, their advantages, and their bizarre relationships with competitors such as SolidWorks, Onshape, Vero, Missler, Vectorworks, Bentley, and Fujitsu.

Parasolids have been around since 1988 and D-Cubed since 1990. Siemens estimates they have over 4,000,000 end-users doing heavy-duty model creation and editing with a Parasolid- based application. D-Cubed couldn’t say how many end-users but guessed they had over 95 percent market share of constraint managers. The article also goes on to ask questions about licensing its technology to competing companies with an interesting response from Siemens on the importance of enabling end users technology that is open, is available across multiple applications, continues to be improved, and adjusts to industry needs. D-Cubed could claim the same.

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